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What is Addiction?

Addiction Addiction is a compulsive reliance on an activity or substance. It’s characterized by a need for more and more of the substance or behavior to feel satisfied, as well as physical and psychological problems when ceasing the behavior or substance. It can take many forms, from alcohol and drugs to gambling, shopping, and gaming. […]

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Drug Detoxification at our Live Life Rehab

Drug Detoxification Getting Rid of Drugs: Your Essential First Step to Beat Addiction Medical detox is when the body gets rid of harmful toxins from drug use, guided by a skilled medical team. Good rehab places use advanced treatments led by experienced medical professionals during detox. Detox programs are made to help people beat drug […]

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Understanding the Risks of Holding Back Your Emotions

Exploring the Connection Between Your Mind and Body: Then and Now People have been curious about how our thoughts affect our bodies for a long time. Back in ancient Greece, Aristotle figured out that our emotions can impact our bodies. And Hippocrates, also from that time, said that mental diseases were caused by natural reasons, […]

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How Parents’ Drinking Affects a Child’s Growth

Living with alcoholism can bring serious health problems, strain relationships, and affect your ability to work. The good news is that early intervention can help you and your loved ones avoid these serious consequences. The immediate effects of alcohol range from changes in mood to loss of coordination, vision, balance, and speech, which can indicate […]

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