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Frequently Asked Questions

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Addiction is a compulsive reliance on an activity or substance. It’s characterized by a need for more and more of the substance or behavior to feel satisfied, as well as physical and psychological problems when ceasing the behavior or substance. It can take many forms, from alcohol and drugs to gambling, shopping, and gaming.Addiction is a condition in which one is unable to abstain from the use of a drug or activity, despite physical and psychological changes. Substance abuse, alcoholism, gambling, eating addiction and workaholism can all trigger the development of an addiction. Studies have termed this as a chronic condition, with some cases apparently brought on by taking certain medications. While some people fall into this unhealthy pattern due to peer pressure, others may be dealing with unresolved trauma from childhood or past experiences. Experts report that there are four stages associated with addiction.
Some people may use drugs and alcohol occasionally without developing an addiction; however, the risk of dependency increases over time. Gradually, what might have started as only ‘every now and then’ drinking can become a frequent habit, until it is a regular part of their routine. This is often when the development of addictive behavior can begin to take hold.
The line between regular use and high-risk consumption is incredibly thin. At this stage, the individual begins to indulge in alcohol/drugs regardless of potential social or legal ramifications. Uncontrollable cravings take over, and the person becomes dependent upon these substances. Behavioral patterns change and those close to them are impacted by the situation, including families.
The final stage of substance abuse is addiction, when a person becomes completely dependent on the substance. Without it, they can experience withdrawal symptoms such as shakes, tremors and sweats. At this point, people often tell the addict that it’s time to seek addiction treatment in order to break the cycle.